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We give the second prize of the child in the online channel



We distributed the second prize of the 2023 Children's lottery number 72289, through the online sales channel of Loterias.

The last draw for El Niño, January 6, 2023, one of our clients who uses the online lottery and betting sales channel, has been awarded a tenth of the number 72289 that has been awarded the second prize of this draw. When you register on the lottery and betting website, you can associate your registration with a point of sale and this has been the case in this case, where the client has us associated, we are receiver number 50600, so lottery and betting assigns us as one of the outlets for this award.

    Queues at Mayte Lottery     Joy to distribute prizes


Joy ran through the Plaza de San Sebastián on January 9, where our Lottery administration is located, one of the most fortunate in Malaga, and although our neighbors are used to the prizes distributed, a certain animation awoke when receiving the visit of the media local.

Once again we achieve our main goal, which is to distribute luck among our clients, although we would prefer that there were more winners, we are happy about this new award. If you are interested in knowing more about the difference between playing online with us directly or through the lottery and betting website, here we will tell you the differences.

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