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Lottery prizes lower than 10,000 euros will stop paying since Thursday July 5

An amendment agreed by Citizens and PP will raise the minimum below which taxes are not paid to 40,000 euros in 2020.

Lottery prizes of less than 10,000 euros will not suffer retention. The  Law of General Budgets of the State 2018 that reforms the Personal  Income Tax Law, will be published in the BOE on Wednesday, July 4 and  will take effect tomorrow. This amount will rise over the next two years to 20,000 and 40,000 euros.

Premios de navidad

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New prizes of 5 hits of primitive lottery.

In two weeks two  new awards of 5 hits, one in Alhaurin de la Torre on Thursday, February  22, and another on Thursday, March 1, in Alhaurín el Grande.


Primitive lottery prize 22 February  Primitive lottery prize March,1



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Every Thursday national lottery draw for only € 3

Every Thursday, the national lottery has a raffle that is currently dedicating its image to the teams of the endesa basketball league.

Imagen décimo loteria nacional jueves UNICAJA

On February 8, Thursday"s lottery is dedicated to Unicaja, the Malaga team.

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prize of 5 hits, in the Primitive Lottery

New prize in the  Primitive Lottery on Saturday, November 4, we give a prize of 5 hits,  the winner will rec

New prize in the Primitive Lottery

eive 12586 € uros, as it is a multiple ticket of 84  aùestas, congratulations.

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RECORD JACKPOT EuroMillions October 3, 2017


Having reached the limit  of BOTE 190 million, and as long as there are no first-class players,  the figure of 190 million will remain in play during four drawings (3,  6, 10 and 13 October), in which if said amount, the fund allocated to that first category will serve to increase the amount of the following category with winners. In  the fifth drawing (October 17), and provided that the boat had not been  distributed in the previous draws, the 190 million would be distributed  in the following category with winners.

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