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Sunday, July 05 2020
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Noticias sobre Primitiva
New Primitiva  award
This Saturday May 23 in the week of return from confinement by COVID19, we started with a little luck, one of our clients has guessed 5 numbers of the winning combination of Saturday 23 May 2020, which are: 2-5-9- 21-34-49, C 22 and R2 Congratulations to the lucky one             .
Noticias sobre Primitiva
All games suspended
All games suspended From today March 15 and until further notice, all lottery and betting games in Spain are suspended.
Noticias sobre Primitiva
Ply in mi-suerte against Lae
Why play with us? Play safely on our website, and enjoy advantages over official betting pages.
Noticias sobre Primitiva
Spanish National Lottery the best game in the world
The National Lottery The National Lottery is one of the most popular games of chance in Spain. The lottery has a centuries-old tradition and a deep rooted in Spanish society. Currently it is the game with a greater return in prizes for the bettor, because it returns 70% of the issuance in prizes, the difference between some draws and others, Christmas Child Thursday etc, is only in the way of distributing that high percentage.  
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