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Tuesday, February 25 2020
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Noticias sobre Primitiva
Spanish National Lottery the best game in the world
The National Lottery The National Lottery is one of the most popular games of chance in Spain. The lottery has a centuries-old tradition and a deep rooted in Spanish society. Currently it is the game with a greater return in prizes for the bettor, because it returns 70% of the issuance in prizes, the difference between some draws and others, Christmas Child Thursday etc, is only in the way of distributing that high percentage.  
Noticias sobre Primitiva
NEW CHANGES IN THE GAME OF EUROMILLIONS From the drawing of February 4 A series of changes in the EuroMillions game are reported from the draw of February 4, 2020. The main changes are: • Faster boat growth • Special super boat promotions that will guarantee € 130M jackpots • The maximum limit of the boat will be raised to € 200M, currently € 190M. This last change is the main one in this new version of the game.  
Noticias sobre Primitiva
Now your prizes are worth more
  Prizes below € 40,000 from January 1, 2020 are tax exempt. The controversial tax that taxes lottery prizes, disappears for all those prizes that do not exceed € 40,000.
Noticias sobre Primitiva
New Primitiva and Bonoloto awards
This week Lotte Mayte has distributed two prizes of 5 hits, one of primitive lottery on Saturday November 16, which will charge € 4,240.82 uros. On the other hand there is also a weekly bonoloto ticket that has a prize of 5 hits from Wednesday 13, in this case it will charge € 872.85.  
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